“With an education…you all have everything you need to rise above all the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams.” 
Michelle Obama 
Our 3 year old class is comprised of children ages 2 years 9 months (turning 3 after September 1st of their enrollment year) and up. We have an 8 to 1 child/teacher ratio with a varied and active curriculum.  Our caring teachers continue to support toilet training throughout the year. We introduce children to our amazing maze and treehouse indoors, with lots of active and imaginative play.
Children continue their knowledge journey with concepts, science, math, literature, social studies, cooking, art (including ceramics with our own kiln) and frequent gym/music/dance classes. Outdoor play is a big part of every day the weather cooperates! (Three day a week minimum)

3 & 4

Year Old Classes

Our four year old class (for children turning 4 after September 1st) continues the hands-on, creative approach to learning.  As well as all of the curricular areas described above, children  continue to improve their conceptual grasp and phonemic awareness which enhances the pre-reading stage. Lots of active, physical play keeps older preschoolers healthy and fit, and our teaching staff helps these eager learners expand their horizons with "visits" to different countries each month.


Children enjoy cooking and art classes which focus on these different cultures. Our games become more team oriented and help to build self-esteem, while we foster a sense of community. 

Pre-K Class

Our pre-kindergarten class serves children turning 5 after September 1st. Our skilled team helps this group on the last leg of their journey prior to entering kindergarten. In addition to all of the aforementioned classes, teachers will help to ensure that children recognize their letters, numbers, shapes, colors and beginning letter sounds.  They will work on writing their names and recognizing some sight words.  Children are encouraged to work as a team in many activities and perfect their self-sufficiency in dressing themselves, eating and following directions.  There is still plenty of time built into the day for exploration and creativity. Social skills are highly emphasized as well.  And lots of active play occurs every day, no matter the weather!  (Three day a week minimum)